Things to consider when migrating your akka journal

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Photo by Ola Grönlund on Unsplash

Fourteen Falls, Kilimambogo

Kitengela glass

The Nile, Jinja

Why I talk and write about it

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My focus will be on my recent travel to Dar-Es-Salaam.

Entebbe — Dar-Es-Salaam

  1. My Safeboda rider
    Haha, my aunt would cringe at the thought of this. I have come from the plane and gotten into a double express at the airport. I, later on, discovered uber. It did not work out for me this time around. Entebbe airport is far from where I live…

Let’s focus more on what connects us more than what separates us

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Sharon Immaculate Waithira

Do what you love!

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